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This site aims to deliver valuable price cost data to the united kingdoms construction industry and provide easy access to the supply chain using state-of-the-art technology. By bringing the construction Industry closer together we can improve productivity and cost certainty thereby delivering enhanced value every time. Meeting the criteria for improvement set by the Latham & Egan Reports into industry practice. We also build and reinforce company brands using e-technology.


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 Price data for the industry of Great Britain


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Value, Valuing m2 m linear lineal units for the uk industry

Specification, units, specialist, contractors all in one place.


We offer the most competitive solution to specialist, contractors, designers, in fact everyone who works in the industry.  How do we do it, easy by keeping things simple.  No inflexible collaboration networks here or estimating software that drives you crazy... just simple data when you want it... and oh... at the speed of light....



LiveUpdate and LiveUpdate Advenaced are the latest tools that we have deployed at an affordable price.  You can simply open these in Microsoft Excel and click Update Now and 8,000 specifications and rates Update instantly over the internet.  Pretty cool, but why two versions and why is one advanced, well advanced breaks down rates into labour plant and materials, yep pretty damn cool.

.....remember keep it simple and affordable....

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GenoRate is part spreadsheet and part interactive specification and rate producing machine... again simple means better, each Generator is a specialist, just like a trade, for example take trade say painting, select the material, number of coats, location, substrate, element..etc..etc and see the rate generated change as you select more criteria..  nice and easy.....

check out the following examples

Rate Generator ™ Specification Builder ™ Explained

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specialist trade sub-contractors uk construction industry

TradeLocator keeps on working - tens of thousands of specialist all working in the UK construction industry.   Those hard to find trades are all here listed under their specialist trade.  Procurement is nice and easy especially when you've also got the backing of specifications and prices... all in one nice and simple place

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 RICS Prime Cost of Daywork rates breakdown - UK Construction Industry - From 6th April 2008

    See below for 2008 & 2009 free data for you...

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Construction Rates Data Screen (c) TM - Free Specs, Rates & Specialists Details

construction rates data screen (c) TM

So the choice is yours..  simple or stupid...

So this is how it works...


We get data from the specialist contracts, they give us their details and we list them for you to find and contact.  We use specialists trade specifications and prices and give them to you.  The free access service is obviously not as accurate or as up to date as our subscription and buy now services which offer interactivity and LiveUpdate.


Keep it Simple Stupid...


Keeping it simple is the way to make sure you get the data you want fast and we don't try and reinvent the wheel or tie you up in loads of collaboration network mumbo jumbo...  We kept it simple not stupid...



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RICS Prime Cost of Daywork rates breakdown - UK Construction Industry - From 6th April 2008 & 5th April 2013


Values for the RICS defined prime cost of daywork 6th April 2008 free data for you...

Values for the RICS defined prime cost of daywork 6th April 2009 free data for you...

Values for the RICS defined prime cost of daywork 6th April 2010 free data for you...

Values for the RICS defined prime cost of daywork 6th April 2011 free data for you...

Values for the RICS defined prime cost of daywork 6th April 2012 free data for you...

Values for the RICS defined prime cost of daywork 6th April 2013 free data for you...


Sub-contractor Rates of pay for 2011 free data for you...

Sub-contractor Rates of pay for 2012 free data for you...

Sub-contractor Rates of pay for 2013 free data for you...




This is a tool for construction professionals. You must double check the correctness of all rates before tendering and or entering into a contract with another party. All rates and prices generated are provided as a general indication only and may differ depending upon site conditions, volume etc. We do not warrant their accuracy. We do not warrant the suitability of any organisation contained within this site. The producers of this site will accept no liability whatsoever for any loss [howsoever arising] which may result from using this or any information on or obtained from this site. You must accept the above before you may use this site. You are responsible for any losses that may result from not checking all rates with an appropriate source. If you Do Not Accept the above you should not use any information in any way. (c) Copyright Construction Rates 2001 - By continuing you are accepting our copyright and our conditions.


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  Cost data for the United Kingdom industry of Great Britain.


This is without double the one location on the internet to get up to the minute data that will answer your questions every time in order to provide you with a service that is second to none.  We are the UK's number one when it comes to the solution offered by our online resource. and simply the best providers of upto the minute data in Great Britain today.  Do not miss out, buy our services today.  Punch above your weight.


Key trends in Guide to data


Our series of cost indices track movements in the input costs of contractors work in various sectors, incorporating national wage agreements and changes in materials as measured by government index series. They provide an underlying indication of price changes and differential movements in the various work sectors, but do not reflect changes in market conditions affecting profit and overheads provisions, site wages, bonuses or materials’ price discounts/premiums. Market conditions are recorded in Construction Rates Quarterly Market Forecast (last published 27 May).





Consumer prices


Price adjustment formulae indices, compiled by the Department of Trade and Industry and Official of National Statistics, help calculate increased costs on fluctuating or variation-of priced work contracts. They provide useful guidance on cost changes in various sectors and on the differential movement of work sections in Construction Rates Price Books.

Over the past year, the average increase in the 60 building work categories has been 1.7%. But since July 2008, the average increase has been only 0.7%. This is largely because the last building wage award was at the end of June 2010, lifting the cost of labour by 6.9%. Since July 2010, 20 work categories have fallen:


Filling: imported, hardcore and granular –20.6%

Softwood carcassing and structural members –10.8%

Windows and doors: softwood –12.7%

Concrete: formwork –15.6%

Concrete: reinforcement –17.6%

Waterproofing: liquid applied coatings –29.9%


Prices for sand and gravel and crushed rock in particular fell during the second half of last year, but price rises have been introduced by quarrying operations since the turn of this year.


The highest increases have been:

Windows and doors: steel +2.3%

Metal: decking +1.0%

Pipes and accessories: steel +0.9%

Cladding and covering: coated steel +1.2%

Piling: steel +0.7%

Metal: miscellaneous +1.0%

Finishes: bitumen, resin and rubber latex flooring +0.9%


The highest cost increases have continued to be influenced by steel. However, it appears the rise in the value of steel in 2010 has largely passed its way into the supply chain. The index for steel windows and doors has not changed since January; the provisional figures for metal decking and coated steel cladding show a slight fall in April 2010.


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construction industry uk specialist prices trades specifications



   Free on-line Construction Price and Rate Data for the following trades;-


Acronyms and Abbreviations used in UK Construction Industry Acronyms and Abbreviations

Aggregate Aggregates

Air Con Air Conditioning

Security Alarms

Double Glazed Aluminium Windows Doors

Safety Road Surface Anti skid surfacing

Shopfronts Windows Architectural Glazing

Handrails Balustrades Railings Architectural Metalwork

Textured Artex

Mastic Tanking Asphalt

Window Blinds

Block Paving

Bricklaying Brickwork

Bulk Excavation

Chandelier specialists


Computer Aided Design CAD Software Solutions

Concrete Flooring

Concrete Frame

Concrete Repair

Concrete Treatment

Construction Application for Payment or Invoice Template Application for Payment or Invoice Template

Construction takeoff software, measure on pdf and export to Excel Construction Takeoff Software 

Construction Chemicals

Construction Valuation Template Excel Valuation Template


Curtain walling



Daywork Rates 2008

Daywork Rates 2009

Daywork Rates 2011

Daywork Rates 2012

Daywork Rates 2013 Current Prime Cost of Daywork Rates

Free Construction Daywork Sheet excel template Daywork Sheet with formulae included

or see the amazing templates you can buy which are automated & linked

Decorators Caulk


Cutting Diamond Drilling

Disabled access


Door Commissioning



Dry Cleaning Equipment

Taping and Jointing Dry Lining



Measurement & Estimating Software Construction Estimating Software

Felt Roofing


First Fix Joinery

Formwork Falsework


Glass blocks



Hard Floor Finishes

Hygienic Coating Systems Hygienic Coating Applicators

Construction Insurance Brokers Services Contractors Insurance



Joiners Joinery Woodwork

Jewelery Charms Bracelets Necklaces Earrings Rings Scarves for Her


Legal Contractual Dispute Resolution Legal Claims Advice Consultants

Compass and Navigation Skills Map Reading Made Easy


PDF Quick Scale Measure Take-off from PDF to Excel PQF-Scale

Painters Painting


Example of Insolvency Performance Bond Performance Bond



Plumbers plumbing

Precast Concrete

Construction project management software Visual Programming Costing Manage and Monitor

Gutter Down pipe Rainwater Goods

Raised Access Floor Computer flooring

Re Bar Reinforcement

RFI COI Daywork Sheet and QA Template Linked and Automated

RIW Toughseal prices per m2 metre squared RIW Toughseal


Roofing Roof Tiling


Soft Floor Finishes

USG Alltek Plaster Spray coating Spray Applied Plaster Finishes Systems


Steel Erectors

Steel Fabrication fabricators


Example of Subcontract Terms & Conditions Sub-contract Terms and Conditions

Sub Contractor Rates of Pay 2011 UK Construction Industry Sub-contractor Rates of pay


Suspended Ceilings lay in grid


Wall finishes



Windows & Glazing



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