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AA Atomic Absorption
AA Administrative Assistant (formerly Clerical Assistant)
AAA Action on Alcohol Abuse
AACC American Association for Contamination Control
AAIAC Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee
ABCA Standards bodies of America, Britain, Canada and Australia
ABCB Association of British Certification Bodies
ABCL Automatic Barrier Crossing, locally monitored
ABNT Associacao Brasileira de Normas (Brazil)
AC Advisory Committee
ACAI Alkali and Clean Air Inspectorate (see IAPI) now Environment Agency
ACAS Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
ACDP Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens
ACDS Advisory Committee on Dangerous Substances
ACES Amusement Catering Equipment Society
ACGM Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification
ACIO Assistant Chief Inspecting Officer (of Railways)
ACL Approved Carriage List
ACMD Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs
ACOP Approved Code of Practice
ACOP Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea
ACP Advisory Committee on Pesticides
ACRE Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment
ACSNI Advisory Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations
ACTRAM Advisory Committee on the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials
ACTS Advisory Committee on Toxic Substances
AD Area Director now Operations Manager
AD Arbeitsgemeinschaft Drukbehaelter (Germany)
ADI Acceptable Daily Intake
ADN European provisions concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by inland waterways
ADR Accord dangereux routier (European agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road)
ADS Approved Dosimetry Service
AE Area Executive now Administration Manager
AEA AEA Technology PLC
AEC Administrative, Executive and Clerical
AECMA Association Europeenne des Constructeurs de Materiel Aerospatial
AEGM Association of Electronic Guard Manufacturers
AENOR Asociacion Espantola de Normalizacion Certificacion
AFCD Automatic Flue Closing Device
AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam
AFNOR Association Francaise de Normalisation
AFP Alphafetoprotein
AFRC Agricultural and Food Research Council
AGR Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor
AHB Automatic Half Barrier
AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
AI Active Ingredient
AIA Asbestos International Association
AIAC Agriculture Industry Advisory Committee
AIB Asbestos Insulation Board
AIC Active Instability Control
AIDII Associazone Italiana Degli Igienisti Industriali
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIFTA Anglo-Irish Free Trade Agreement
AIOSH Associate of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
AIR Association of Independent Railways
AIRMIC Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce
AIST Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
AIT Auto(geneous) Ignition Temperature
ALA Association of London Authorities
ALARA As Low As Reasonably Achievable
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practicable
ALI Annual Limit of Intake
ALIBI Assessment of LPG Installations for Bleve Incidents
ALPI Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspector
ALU Asbestos Licensing Unit
AM Administration Manager
AMAG Agricultural Machinery Advisory Group
AMFO Arbetsmiljofonden (Sweden)
AML Laboratory of Industrial Ergonomics (Sweden)
AMPS Association of Management and Professional Staff
AMTRI Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Unit
ANC Association of Noise Consultants
ANFO Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil
ANHMRC Australian National Health and Medical Research Council
ANPAT Association Nationale pour la Prevention des Accidents du Travail (Brussels)
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AO Area Office now Regional Office
AO Administrative Officer (formerly Clerical Officer)
AOCL Automatic Open Crossing, locally monitored
AOCR Automatic Open Crossing, remotely monitored
AOCTs Associated Overseas Countries and Territories
AOPD Active Opro-electronic Protection Device
AOTC Associated Offices Technical Committee
APAU Accident Prevention Advisory Unit now Operations Unit
APBL Automatic Power Boom Lowering (system)
APE Aerosol Photoemission
APELL Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level
APG Administration Planning Group
API American Petroleum Institute
APPA American Public Power Association
AQUA (Scheme for) Analytical Quality Assurance (in occupational hygiene)
AR Acoustic Reflex
ARC Accelerating Rate Calorimetry
ARCA Asbestos Removal Contractors Association
ARL Department of Community Services and Health Australian Radiation Laboratory
ARPS Association of Railway Preservation Societies
ARTPR Approved Regulations for Transportable Pressure Receptacles
AS Agricultural Safety
ASAC Asian Standards Advisory Committee
ASEMA Asbestos Safety Equipment Manfacturer's Association
ASFPCM Association of Specialist Fire Protection Contractors and Manufacturers
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
ASHW Agriculture (Safety, Health and Welfare Provisions) Act 1956
ASLI Automatic Safe load Indicator
ASLIC Asbestos (Licensing) Regulations
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASO Assistant Scientific Officer
ASP Accident Sequence Precursor
ASQC American Society for Quality Control
ASS National Board of Occupational Safety and Health (Sweden)
ASSE American Society of Safety Engineers
ASTA Association of Short-circuit Testing Authorities
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
AT Administrative Trainee
ATC Automatic Train Control
ATO Automatic Train Operation
ATP Automatic Train Protection
ATR Approved Tank Requirements
ATSDR Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
ATV All-Terrain Vehicle
ATWS Anticipated Transient Without Scram
ATWT Anticipated Transient Without Trip
AU Accounting Unit
AURPO Association of University Radiation Protection Officers
AUWED Amendment to the Use of Work Equipment Directive
AWE Atomic Weapons Establishment
AWS Automatic Warning System



BA Breathing Apparatus
BAA British Agrochemicals Association
BACo BASEEFA Advisory Council
BACTA British Amusement Catering Trades Association
BALPPA British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions
BAM Bundesanstalt fur Materialprufung
BAPE Benign Asbestos Pleural Effusion
BAS Basic Inspection
BAS Building Advisory Service
BASEEFA British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres
BAT Best Available Techniques
BAT Biological Tolerance Value
BATNEEC Best available techniques not entailing excessive cost
BAU Bundesanstalt fur Arbeitsschutz und Unfallforschung
BCC British Coal Corporation
BCECA British Chemical Engineering Contractors Association
BCF Bromochlorodifluoromethane
BCI Board of Chief Inspectors
BCMC British Cable Makers Confederation
BCME Bis Chloromethyl Ether
BCMF British Ceramic Manufacturers' Federation
BCRU British Committee on Radiological Units
BELS Biological Exposure Limits
BERBOH British Examining and Registration Board in Occupational Hygiene
BERSA British Elastic Rope Sports Association
BEU Business Efficiency Unit
BEUC European Consumers' Bureau
BEWA British Effluent And Water Association
BG British Gas
BGS British Geological Survey
BHSS British Health and Safety Society
BIOH British Institute of Occupational Hygiene
Bis CME Bis Chloromethyl Ether
BLEVE Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion
BLR Blue Light Radiation
BMGA British Machine Guarding Authority
BMHB British Materials Handling Board
BMTA British Measurement and Testing Association
BNS Bureau de Normalisation de la Siderurgie (France)
BNTA Bureau de Normalisation du Tube Acier (France)
BO Building Operation
BOHS British Occupational Hygiene Society
BOP Balance of Plant
BPBIF British Paper and Board Industry Federation
BPCA British Pest Control Association
BPEO Best Practicable Environmental Option
BPM Best Practicable Means
BRAC Building Regulations Advisory Committee
BRE Building Research Establishment
BREL British Rail Engineering Limited
BRINDEX Association of British Independent Oil Corporation Companies
BROA British Rig Owners Association
BRadPA British Radiation Protection Association
BRPSU British Rail Privatisation Safety Unit
BSB Business Services Branch now Business Services Division
BSD Business Services Division
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BSI British Standards Institution
BSO Basic Safety Objective
BSR Board of Standards Review (ANSI)
BSRD Behavioural Sciences Research Division (CSD)
BSS Basic Safety Standards Directive
BSTSA British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association
BTM Bromotrifluoromethane
BTP British Transport Police
BTS Bureau Technique Syndical Europ‚en par la Sant‚ et la Securit‚ (Belgium)
BVS Bergbau Versuchsstrecke (W. Germany)
BWR Boiling Water Reactor



C & I Control and Instrumentation
CA Certifying Authority
CA Clerical Assistant (now Administrative Assistant)
CA(BA) Compressed Air (Breathing Apparatus)
CAC Codex Alimentarius Commission
CACFOA Chief and Assistant Chief Officers' Association
CADD Computer-Aided Design Drafting
CAER Community Awareness and Emergency Response (Chemical Manufacturers Association)
CAI Centralized Accident Investigation
CAIRS Canadian Institute for Radiation Safety
CAMEO Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations
CAMEO Creating a more efficient office
CAMR Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research
CANDU A Canadian developed reactor deriving its name from Canadian Deuterium Uranium
CANMET-DEMR Canada Center for Mineral and Energy Technology - Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
CANUTEC Canadian Transport Emergency Center
CAPM Computer-Aided Production Management
CAPS Computer Aided Planning System
CARICOM Carribean Community and Common Market (formerly CARIFTA)
CAT Cable Avoiding Tool
CATIAC Cotton and Allied Textiles Industry Advisory Committee
CAWR Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations
CBDT Consultative Board for Diver Training (formerly Certification Board for Diver Training)
CBN Cubic Boron Nitride
CBNM Central Bureau for Nuclear Measurements
CBT Computer Based Training
CCA Compliance Cost Assessments
CCCN Customs Cooperation Council Nomenclature (EC)
CCD Charge coupled device
CCE Commission of the European Communities
CCE Computer controlled equipment
CCF Common cause failures (see PES)
CCHARR Co-ordinating Committee on Health Aspects of Radiation Research
CCOU Construction Central Operations Unit
CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CD Consultation Distance
CD Consultative Document
CDA Controlled Droplet Application
CDC Centers for Disease Control (USA)
CDFR Commercial Demonstration Fast Reactor
CDG Rail Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail Regulations
CDGCPL Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (Classification, Packaging and Labelling) Regulations
CDM Construction Design and Management
CDR Communicable Disease Report (compiled by CDSC)
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory
CDSC Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre
CEA Chemical Engineering Abstracts (Produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry)
CEA-CEN Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique-Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires
CEC Commission of the European Communities
CECC CENELEC Electronic Components Committee
CEC/Arnhem International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEDEFOP European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
CEDHYS Centre de Developpement des Etudes et Applications en Hygiene Securite, Paris
CEE Communaute Economique Europeenne (French for EEC)
CEE Communita Economica Europea (Italian for EEC)
CEE International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
CEEFA Committee for Electrical Equipment for use in Flammable Atmospheres (committee representing BEAMA)
CEEMAC Certification of Electrical Equipment for Mining Advisory Council
CEEP Centre Europeen de l'Entreprise Publique
CEF Cluster Enhanced Filter
CEF Comite Electrotechnique Francais
CEFIC Conseil Europeen des Federations de l'Industrie
CEFLC European Council of Chemical Manufacturers Federation
CEHO Chief Environmental Health Officer
CEI Council of Engineering Institutions
CEMEC European Centre for Disaster Management
CEN Comite Europeen de Normalisation
CEN Centre de Information Aplicada a la Normalizencion (Cuba)
CENCER CEN's certification body
CENELEC Comite Europeen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
CEOC Colloque Europeen des Organismes de Controle
CER Carriage of Explosives Regulations
CERCHAR Centre d'Etudes et Recherches des Charbonnages de France
CERCLA Comprehensive Environment Response Compensation and Liability Act (USA)
CERD Comite Europeen de Recherche et Developpment
CERIAC Ceramics Industry Advisory Committee
CERTICO Certification Committee of ISO
CESD Communications Electronics Security Department
CESI Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano (Italy)
CET Corrected Effective Temperature
CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFDRA Campden Food and Drink Research Association
CFRP Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
CGPM General Conference of Weights and Measures
CHAMP Change Management Programme
CHANs Chemical Hazard Alert Notices
CHASE Complete Health and Safety Evaluation Scheme (run by HASTAM, Birmingham)
CHCS Chemical Hazards Communications Society
CHE Co-ordinator of Health Education
CHEMAG Chemicals in Agriculture Advisory Group
CHEMFAX Computerised database with Chemicals NIG
CHEMSAFE Chemical Industry Scheme for Assistance in Freight
CHEMTREC Chemical Transportation Emergency Center (USA)
CHID Chemicals and Hazardous Installations Division
CHIP Chemical (Hazard Information and Packaging) Regulations
CHP Combined Heat and Power
CHSC Central Health and Safety Committee
CHSG Construction Health and Safety Group
CHSW Construction (Health Safety and Welfare) Regulations
CI Chief Inspector
CIAg Chief Inspector of Agriculture
CIBSE Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
CID Critical Incident Detection
CIDI Central Index of Dose Information
CIDST Comite d'Information et de Documentation Scientifique et Technique
CIF Chief Inspector of Factories
CIM Chief Inspector's Memo
CIM International Convention Concerning the Carriage of Goods by Rail
CIMAH Control of Industrial Major Accident Hazards Regulations
CIMM Chief Inspector's Management Meeting
CINCC Coal Industry National Consultative Council
CIRC Centre International de Recherche sur le Cancer (France)
CIS International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre
CIS Colliery Information System
CISDOC International Labour Organisation database available on OSHROM
CISHEC Chemical Industries Safety and Health Council
CISMM Chief Inspector's Specialist Management Meeting
CJD Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
CLAW Control of Lead at Work Regulations 1980
CLEANAIR Campaign for a Smoke-Free Environment
CLEAR Campaign for Lead-Free Air
CLECAT Comite de liaison Europeen des commissionnaires et auxiliaires de transports du marche commun
CLER Classification and Labelling of Explosives Regulations
CM Circular Minute
CM Command (paper) 1987 -
CME Chloromethyl Ether
CHP Computer Millennium Problem
Cmnd Command (paper) 1958 - 1986
CMNIG Chemicals Manufacturing NIG
CMO Chief Medical Officer
CNC Computer Numerical Control
CNP Centro de Normalizacao (Portugal)
CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris)
CNS Comite de Normalisation de la Soudure (France)
CO Carbon Monoxide
CO Clerical Officer (now Administrative Officer)
COAD Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease
COCOR Coordinating Committee for the Nomenclature of Iron and Steel Standards
COCSU Council of Civil Service Unions
(Code) IN Inspection (code)
(Code) LCA Legal Commentary - Acts (Code)
(Code) LCR Legal Commentary - Regulations (Code)
(Code) LP Legal Proceedings (Code)
(Code) LPS Legal Proceedings - Scotland (Code)
(Code) OP Office Procedures (Code)
(Code) OR Organisation (Code)
(Code) TR Training (Code)
CODEX Codex Alimentarius Commission
COE Council of Europe
COFFIN Construction and Factory Fatal Information (database)
COFREND Comite Francais des Essais Non Destructifs.
COGEMA Compagnie General des Matieres Nucleaires
COGENE Committee on Genetic Experimentation
COI Critical Oxygen Index
COIT Central Office of Industrial Tribunals
COMAH Control of Major Accident Hazards
COMARE Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment
COMEIR Committee on Medical Exposure to Ionising Radiations
COMITEXTIL Comite de Coordination des Industries Textiles de la CEE
COMMETT EEC programme in Education and Training for Technology
COMPROS Collective name for the European Community's national simplification bodies
CONCAWE Oil Companies European Organization for Environment, Health and Safety (Belgium)
CONDAM Construction Design and Management Regulations
ConDoc Consultative Document
CONIAC Construction Industry Advisory Committee
COP Code of Practice
COPA Control of Pollution Act
COPANT Pan American Standards Commission
COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
COPOLCO Committee on Consumer Policy (ISO)
COPR Control of Pesticides Regulations
COPTERA Calculation of Pipework Two-phase Emission Rates
COREPER Committee of Permanent Representatives to the European Communities
CORGI Confederation for the Registration of Gas Installers
CORU Cabinet Office Deregulation Unit
COSHH Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations
COSLA Convention of Scottish Local Authorities
COST Cooperation Europeene dans la Domaine de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique
COVENIN Comision Venezolana de Norma Industriales (Venezuela)
CP Code of Practice
CPC Chemical Protective Clothing
CPL Classification, Packaging and Labelling of Dangerous Substances Regulations 1984
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CPS Crown Prosecution Service
CPSS Composition of Proprietary Substances Scheme
CRA Chemical Recovery Association
CRE Coal Research Establishment (part of BCC)
CREST Comite de Recherche Scientifique et Technique (European Community)
CREIPI Central Research Institute of Electric Power Institute (Japan)
CSAT Civil Service Arbitration Tribunal
CSBF Civil Service Benevolent Fund
CSBS Civil Service Building Society
CSBTS China State Bureau of Technical Supervision
CSC Civil Service College
CSC Civil Service Commission
CSC (International) Convention for Safe Containers
CSCFE Civil Service Council for Further Education
CSFSAC Civil Service Foreign Service Allowances Committee
CSHA Civil Service Housing Association
CSIS Civil Service Insurance Society
CSNI Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations
CSNWC Civil Service National Whitley Council
CSOHS Civil Service Occupational Health Service
CSPA Civil Service Pensioners Alliance
CSRF Civil Service Retirement Fellowship
CSTP Committee on Scientific and Technological Policy (OECD)
CSTU Control Systems Technology Committee
CSU Certification Support Unit (part of Health and Safety Laboratory)
CTD Cumulative Trauma Disorder
CTI Castings Technology International
CTMU Central Training Management Unit
CTPV Coal tar pitch volatiles
CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
CTSA Channel Tunnel Safety Authority
CV Calorific Value
CV Check Visit
CVCS Chemical and volume control system
CVD Cardiovascular Disease
CVS Chronic Villus Sampling
CWCS Control of Work in Confined Spaces
CWR Continuous Welded Rail
CZ Consultation Zone


dB Decibels
DB Dry Bulb
DBEHO Deputy Borough Environmental Health Officer
dB(A) Decibels on the A Weighted Scale
DBA Design Basis Accident
DC Direct Chill (casting)
DCEHO Deputy Chief Environmental Health Officer
DCI Decided Cases Index
DCI Deputy Chief Inspector
DCIF Deputy Chief Inspector of Factories
DCIO Deputy Chief Inspecting Officer (of Railways)
DCOA Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994
DCPD Dicyclopentadiene
DCSJ Decision of Court of Summary Jurisdiction
DDG Deputy Director General
DDPH Deputy Director of Public Health
DE Department of Employment now Department for Education and Employment
DE/EO Direct Entrant Executive Officer
DEF STAN Defence Standards
DEH Director of Environmental Health
DEHO District Environmental Health Officer
DEHS Director of Environmental Health Services
DEMKO Danmarks Elektriske Materielkontrol (Denmark)
DEMU Diesel-Electric Multiple Unit
DEn Department of Energy wound up in 1992 now part of DTI
DESA Defence Explosives Safety Authority
DETR Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
DEVCO Development Committee (ISO)
DFEE Department for Education and Employment
DFELO Departmental Further Education Liaison Officer
DFM Dust, Fume and Mist
DFR Department of Fisheries Research
DG Director General
DG Directorate General (EC)
DH Department of Health
DIANE Direct Information Access Network for Europe
DIAS Directorate of Information and Advisory Services. Health and Safety Executive
DIN Deutsches Institut fur Normung (German Standards Institute)
DISC Delivery Information Solutions to Customers through International Standards
DL Distance Learning
DLR Docklands Light Railway
DMB Divisional Management Board
DMU Diesel Multiple Unit
DNA Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DNB Departure from Nucleate Boiling
DNHPD Department of National Health and Population Department (South Africa)
DO Dangerous Occurrence
DoE Department of the Environment now Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions
DOE Department of Energy (United States)
DOL Department of Labor (United States)
DOT Department of Transport now part of Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions
DOT Department of Transportation (United States)
DP Disabled Person
DPAG Dangerous Pathogens Advisory Group (replaced by ACDP in 1981)
DPG Dosimetry Policy Group
DRC Disaster Research Centre (USA)
DS Danish Standards Association
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry
DSE Display Screen Equipment
DSHA Regs Dangerous Substances in Harbours and Harbour Areas Regulations
DSI Deputy Superintending Inspector
DSS Department of Social Security
DST Directorate of Science and Technology
DSU Directors Support Unit (part of Safety Policy Directorate)
DTA Differential Thermal Analysis
DTI Department of Trade and Industry
DU Deregulation Unit (part of Policy Unit)
DWC Department Whitley Council
DWL Derived Working Levels


EA Environment Agency
EA75 Explosives Act 1875
EA regs Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations
EAC European Agency for Cooperation (EC)
EAEC European Atomic Energy Community
EARA European Asbestos Removal Association
EAS Enterprise Allowance Scheme
EASE Estimation and Assessment of Substance Exposure
EASHW European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
EAU Economic Advisors' Unit (part of Policy Unit)
EBW Electron Beam Welding
EC European Commission
EC European Communities
ECA Economic Commission for Africa (UN)
ECCS Emergency Core Cooling System
ECDIN Environmental Chemical Data Information Network (EC)
ECE Economic Commission for Europe (UN)
ECETOC European Chemical Industry Ecology and Toxicology Centre
ECFTUC European Confederation of Free Trade Unions in the Community
ECG European Co-operation Grouping
ECGD Export Credits Guarantee Department
ECIS European Communities Information Service
ECISS European Committee for Iron and Steel Standardisation
ECITC European Committee for I.T. Testing and Certification
ECL Exposure Control Limit
ECOIN European Core Inventory
ECS Empty Coaching Stock
ECSU Electrical Certification Support Unit
ED Employment Department now Department for Education and Employment
EDG Employment Department Group
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDO Estate Duty Office
EDTA Ethylene Diaminetetraacetic Acid
EECMB Electrical Equipment Certification Management Board
EECS Electrical Equipment Certification Service
EEG Europese Economische Gemeenschap (Dutch for EEC)
EEI Edison Electric Institute
EEMUA Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association
EFL Explosion and Flame Laboratory, now part of HSL
EHO Environmental Health Officer
EHSR Essential health and safety requirement
EI (HM) Explosives Inspectorate
EIC Energy Industries Council
EID Emergency Isolation Device
EINECS European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances
EITC Engineering Inspection Technical Committee
ELCB Earth leakage circuit breaker
ELCI Employers' Liability Compulsory Insurance
ELCTEX Enforcement Liaison Certification for Transport of Explosives
ELECTRAM Enforcement Liaison Committee on the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials
ELF Extra Low Frequency
ELINCS European List of new commercial chemical substances
ELO Enforcement Liaison Officer
ELSIE Electronic Signalling and Indicating Equipment
EMA Employment Medical Adviser
EMAS Employment Medical Advisory Service
EMD Employment Medical Division
EMR Electromagnetic Radiation
EMSU Epidemiology and Medical Statistics Unit
EMU Electrical Multiple Unit
EN European Standard
ENA Employment Nursing Adviser
ENB Explosives Notified Body
EO Ethylene Oxide
EO Executive Officer
EOF Europaeiske Okonomiske Faellesskab (Danish for EEC)
EOTC European Organisation for Testing and Certification
EPA Environmental Protection Act
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (USA)
EPC European Policy Committee
EPI-DERM Surveillance scheme for occupational skin disease
EPO European Patent Organisation
EPOCH European Programme on Climatology and Natural Hazards
EQC European Question Committee
EQO Official Committee on European Questions (Cabinet Office)
ERA Excess Rent Allowance now Additional Housing Allowance
ERB Engineers Registration Board (CEI)
ERIC Emergency Response Intervention Card
ERL Emergency Reference Level
ES Ergonomics Society
ESAC Education Services Advisory Committee
ESB Executive Support Branch now Senior Management Support Unit
ESC Economic and Social Committee (EC)
ESD Emergency Shutdown Device
ESF European Social Fund
ESFR Early suppression fast response
ESH Electric Surface Heating
ESP Electrostatic Precipitator
ESPD Export Services and Promotions Division (DoT)
ESPRIT European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
ESRA European Safety and Reliability Association
ESReDA European Safety Reliability and Data Association
EST Establishments
ESTC Explosives Safety Transport Committee
ET External Training
ETS Environmental Tobacco Smoke
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETVA Elektrotechnische Versuchsanstalt (Austria)
EU European Union
EURADOS European Radiation Dosimetry Group
EURATOM European Atomic Energy Community
EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
EUROCOOP European Community of Consumers' Co-operatives
EUROHELA European HSE/Local Authority Enforcement Liaison Committee
EUROMAP European Plastics Machinery Suppliers' Association
EUROSH*NET European Occupational Safety and Health Network
EUROSTATS Series of statistics produced by the SOEC
EUROVENT European Committee of Air Handling and Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturers
EWC European Works Councils
EWG Europaiesche Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft
EXCO Executive Committee (ISO)
EXIS Expert Information System
EXP Expanded Polystyrene
EXTEST International Study Group for the Standardisation of Methods of Testing Explosives
EZ Enterprise Zone


F & Ex Fire and Explosion
F & GPC Finance and General Purposes Committee (sub-committee of NEC)
FA First Aid
FA Act Factories Act 1961
FA 61 Factories Act 1961
FAC Food and Agriculture Committee
FAID Factory and Agricultural Inspectorate Division now Field Operations Directorate
FASTCo Forestry and Arboriculture Safety and Training Council
FBG Fluidized Bed Generator
FCG Field Consultant Group
FDA Food and Drug Administration (USA)
FDA Association of First Division Civil Servants
FD Functional Directory (HSE/LIS database)
FEBI Federations Europeennes des Branches d'Industries
FEPA Food and Environment Protection Act
FEPD Finance Efficiency and Planning Division
FER Fundamental Expenditure Review
FFA F"reningen f"r Arbetarskydd (Sweden)
FFI Flexible Film Isolator
FI (HM) Factory Inspectorate
FIAC Foundries Industry Advisory Committee
FIC Factory Inspectorate (Subject File) Circular
FIDO Face information digested on-line (mining)
FIM Factory Inspectorate Minute
FIN Factory Inspectorate Note
FINU Finance Unit (part of Resources and Planning Directorate)
FIRA Furniture Industry Research Association
FIRAC Factory Inspectorate Research Advisory Committee
FISM Factory Inspectorate Specialist Minute
FISP Financial Systems and Payments
FL Flexileave
FLAGU Flammables and Gas Policy Unit
FLP Flameproof
FLT Fork Lift Truck
FM Factory Mutual (USA)
FMAS Financial Management Accounting System
FMI Financial Management Initiative
FMU Field Management Unit
FOCUS Field Operations Computer System
FOD Field Operations Directorate
FOM Faculty of Occupational Medicine
FOM Fortnightly Operational Minute (issued by FOD)
FOPS Falling Object Protective Structure(s)
FOU For Official Use
FPA71 Fire Precautions Act 1971
FPO Fire Prevention Officer
FPSO Floating Production Storage and Off-loading Unit
FPU Finance and Planning Unit
FRS Fire Research Station (part of BRE)
FSA Foreign Service Allowances
FSAC Food Safety Advisory Centre
FSBP Finger systolic blood pressure
FSO Fire Safety Officer
FSR Filter self-rescuer (mining)
FSSU Field Scientific Support Unit now Field Services Unit
FST Finger Skin Temperature
FSU Field Services Unit
FSU Floating Storage Unit
FSV Free Steered Vehicle
FWH Flexible Working Hours
FWR Functional Work Recording System


GAE General Administrative Expenditure
GAMBICA Association for the Instrumentation, Control and Automation Industry in the UK
GASP Gas accumulation over spreading pools
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GDO General Development Order
GDPO General Development Procedure Order
GEX Group of Experts on Explosives (UN)
GHGB Good Health is Good Business
GHQ General Health Questionnaire
GIE Groupement d'Interet Economique
GILSP Good Industrial Large Scale Practice
GLC Gas Liquid Chromatography
GLOSSEX 81 EEC agreed categorisation of electrical equipment for use in flammable atmospheres
GLP Good Laboratory Practice
GLSP Good Large Scale Practice
GLW Gross Laden Weight
GM Guidance Memoranda
GMAW Gas metal arc welding
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
GMTC Gland Manufacturers' Technical Committee
GN Guidance Note
GN:CS Guidance Note : Chemical Safety
GN:EH Guidance Note : Environmental Health
GN:GS Guidance Note : General Series
GN:MS Guidance Note : Medical Series
GN:PM Guidance Note : Plant and Machinery
GOALS Government Out of Area Line Service
GNVQ General National Vocational Qualification
GOST USSR State Committee for Standards
GPB General Policy Branch (part of Policy Unit)
GPU Group Personnel Unit
GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic
GSES Gas Safety Engineering Section
GSTP Generalised System of Tariff Preferences
GT Globe Thermometer
GTA Government Technical Adviser
GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
GUD Gestion de l'Union Douaniere


HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
HAM Hand Held Monitor
HASAC Health and Safety Advice Centre (Birmingham)
HASAWA Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
HASCOG Health and Safety Co-ordinating Group (IEHO)
HAV Hepatitis A Virus
HAZAN Hazard analysis numerical methods
HAZCOM Hazards Communication Standard
HAZOP Hazard and Operability Study
HBIG Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin
HBV Hepatitis B Virus
HC Health Circular (DH)
HD Health Directorate
HD Hodgkins Disease
HECR Highly exothermic chemical reactions
HEDSET Harmonised Electronic Data Set (European Communities)
HELA Health and Safety Executive/Local Authorities Enforcement Liaison Committee
HEMA Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers' Association
HEO Higher Executive Officer
HEPA High efficiency particulate air (refers to high efficiency air filters)
HEPOL Health and Safety Executive/Police force Enforcement Liaison Committee
HES Home Electronic Systems
HFL Highly Flammable Liquid
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
HHE Health Hazard Evaluation
HHS Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome
HHSI High-head Safety Injection
HI Hazardous Installation
HID Hazardous Installations Directorate
HIG Hazardous Installations Group, now part of CHID
HIPU Hazardous Installations Policy Unit, now part of CHID
HIV Human Immunovirus
HMAI Her Majesty's Agricultural Inspectorate, now part of FOD
HMAC Hazardous Materials Advisory Council (U.S.A.)
HMCG Her Majesty's Coastguard
HMEI Her Majesty's Explosives Inspectorate
HMFI Her Majesty's Factory Inspectorate
HMIM Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Mines
HMIP Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution (part of Environment Agency)
HMIPIS Her Majesty's Industrial Pollution Inspectorate for Scotland
HMNII Her Majesty's Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
HMRI Her Majesty's Railway Inspectorate
HN Health Notice (DH)
HNMR High resolution nuclear magnetic resonance
HO Home Office
HOTL Heads of Testing Laboratories Working Group of the EEC
HPD Health Policy Division now Health Directorate
HPD Hearing protection devices
HPLC High performance liquid chromatography
HPM Hazardous Production Materials
HPTLC High performance thin layer chromatography
HRD Human Resource Development
HRM Human Resource Management
HRMB Human Resource Management Branch
HRR Health Risk Review
HRU Human Resources Unit
HSA Hazardous Substances Authority
HSA Health and Safety Authority (Republic of Ireland)
HSAC Health Services Advisory Committee
HSAM Health and Safety Administrative Minute
HSAM(F) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Finance)
HSAM(GAP) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (General Administrative Procedures)
HSAM(INF) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Information)
HSAM(MT) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Motor Transport)
HSAM(OS) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Office Services)
HSAM(ORG) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Organisation)
HSAM(PM) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Personnel Management)
HSAM(PR) Health and Safety Administrative Minute (Premises)
HSC Health and Safety Commission
HSCER Health and Safety (Consultation with Employers) Regulations
HSE Health and Safety Executive
HSE(EA)Regs The Health and Safety (Enforcing Authority) Regulations 1977
HSE(M) HSE Electrical Equipment Certification and Approvals Authority (Mining)
HSELINE HSE Information Services publicly available computerised database of bibliographic references on health and safety at work. Also available on OSHROM
HSEM Health and Safety Executive Minute
HSENI Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland
HS(G) Health and Safety (Guidance) (Booklet)
HSK Hauptabteilung fuer die Sicherheit der Kernanlagen Bundesamt fuer Energiewirtschaft (Switzerland)
HSL Health and Safety Laboratory
HSO Higher Scientific Officer
HSPL Health and Safety Policy Liaison (Department of Environment)
HS(R) Health and Safety (Regulations) (Booklet)
HST High Speed Train
HSW Act Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974
HSWA Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
HT High Tension (electrical)
HTLV(III) Human T-cell Lymphotropic Virus
HTR High temperature reactor
HV High voltage
HVAC Heating, ventilating and air conditioning
HWE Healthy Worker Effect
HWI Hazardous Waste Inspectorate (DoE)
Hz Hertz
HzSC Hazardous Substances Consent



IA Information Assistant
IAC Industry Advisory Committee
IAES International Academy of Environmental Safety
IALI International Association of Labour Inspection
(HM)IAPI (HM) Industrial Air Pollution Inspectorate now part of Environment Agency
IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO)
IAS Information and Advisory Services
IAU International Association of Labour Inspection
IB International Branch (part of Policy Unit)
IBN Institut Belge de Normalisation (Belgium)
ICAP International Code Assessment and Applications Programme
ICFMH International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene
ICNIRP International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection
ICOEH International Commission for Occupational and Environmental Health
ICOH International Commission on Occupational Health (Singapore)
ICOMH International Committee on Occupational Mental Health
ICONE Index Comparatif des Normes Europeenes (comparative index of European Standards)
ICPEMC International Commission for Protection Against Environmental Mutagens and Carcinogens
ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection
ICRU International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements
ID Infectious Dose
ID Internal Diameter
IDCAFS Inter-departmental Committee on Animal Feeding Stuffs
IDLH Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health
IEA International Energy Agency (OECD)
IEB International and Environment Branch now International Section
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IECC Integrated Electronic Control Centre
IECEE International Electrotechnical Commission's Certification Scheme
IECEE International Electrotechnical Commissions
IEHO Institute of Environmental Health Officers
IEIC Independent Engineering Insurers' Committee
IER Institute of Employment Research now Institute of Employment Studies
IES Institute of Employment Studies
IFAN International Federation for the Application of Standards
IG Immunoglobulin
IG Industry Group
IGUS International Group for Unstable Substances (OECD)
IHAC Industrial Health Advisory Committee
IHSSF International Healthcare Safety and Security Foundation
IIAC Industrial Injuries Advisory Council
IiP Investors in People
IIRSM International Institute of Risk and Safety Management
IISM International Institute of Safety Management
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Scheme
ILB Industry Lead Body
ILE Institution of Lighting Engineers
ILGRA Interdepartmental Liaison Group on Risk Assessment
ILMS Integrated Library Management System
ILO International Labour Organisation
ILO Information Liaison Officer
ILS Industrial Law Society
ILT Industrial Language Training
ILV Indicative Limit Value
ILW Intermediate Level Waste
ILWS Inductive Loop Warning System
IM Information Manager
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMO International Maritime Organization (was IMCO)
IMS Industrial Methylated Spirit
IMW Institute of Wastes Management (Northampton)
IN Improvement Notice
INCOTERMS International rules for interpretation of terms frequently used in foreign trade contracts
INFCO Standing Committee for the Study of Scientific and Technical Information on Standardization (ISO)
INFOTERRA International Referral System for Sources of Environmental Information (UN)
INIEX Institut National des Industries Extractives (Belgium)
INIS International Nuclear Information Service (IAEA)
INM Institute of Naval Medicine (Royal Navy)
INPACT Institut pour l'Amelioration des Conditions de Travail (France)
INPO Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
INRS Institut National de Recherche et de Securite (France)
INSEAD Institut Europeen d'Administration des Affaires
INSHT Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo (Spain)
INTERTANKO International Association of Independent Tanker Owners
INTEREP HSE and Information Services' computerised database of bibliographic references to confidential and unpublished documents on health and safety at work. Restricted to HSE staff
INTEREX HSE Information Services computerised database of exchange agreements with organisations in the UK and abroad
IO Inspecting Officer (of Railways)
IOH Institute of Occupational Health (University of Birmingham)
IOH Institution of Occupational Hygienists
IOHA International Occupational Hygiene Association
IOM Institute of Occupational Medicine (Edinburgh)
IOMC Interorganisation Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals
IOSH Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
IP Injured Person
IP Institute of Physics
IPA Isopropyl Alcohol
IPC Integrated Pollution Control
IPCS Institute of Professional Civil Servants (now IPMS)
IPG Information Planning Group
IPLA HM Inspectorate of Pollution/LA Enforcement Liaison Committee
IPM Inspirible Particle Mass
IPMS Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists
IPPC Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
IPR Integrated Pollution Regulation
IPS Integrated Protection System
IQS Institute of Quantity Surveyors
IR Infra Red
IR Ionising Radiation
IRAM Instituto Argentino de Racionalizacion de Materiales (Argentina)
IRLR Industrial Relations Law Report
IRM Inspection Repair and Maintenance (Offshore)
IRM Institute of Risk Management
IRP Institute of Radiation Protection
IRPA International Radiation Protection Association
IRPTC International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals (UN)
IRR Ionising Radiations Regulations
IRRG Ionising Radiations Research Group
IR(SS) Regs Ionising Radiations (Sealed Sources) Regulations
IRU Industrial Rehabilitation Unit (now ERC)
IR(URS) Regs Ionising Radiations (Unsealed Radioactive Substances) Regulations
IS Information Services
IS Information Specialist
IS International Section, now International Branch
IS Intrinsic Safety
IS Intrinsically Safe
ISBN International Standard Book Number(ing)
ISCA International Standards Steering Committee for Consumer Affairs
ISGOTT International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals
ISHSAA Institute of Shops Health and Safety Acts Administration
ISI In-service Inspection
ISIC International standard industrial classification
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP International Standard Problem
ISRS International Safety Rating System
ISSG Information Strategy Steering Group
ISU Information Strategy Unit now Business Efficiency Unit
ISVR Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (Southampton)
IT Industrial Tribunal
IT Information Technology
ITB Insurance Technical Bureau
ITS Information Technology Services replaced by Integris (not an acronym)
ITSA Independent Tank Storage Association
ITSI Information Technology Standards Institute
IUSO Institute of University Safety Officers
IWEM Institution of Water and Environmental Management
IWM Institute of Wastes Management
IZ Inner Zone


JAC Joint Advisory Committee
JACR Joint Advisory Committee Report
JAR Job Appraisal Review
JDI Joint Declaration of Intent
JEA Japan Electric Association
JEC Japanese Electrotechnical Committee
JFRO Joint Fire Research Organisation
JIB Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry
JIC Joint Industrial Council
JIS Japanese Standard Association
JISC Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
JISC Joint Industry Safety Committee
JML Japanese Ministry of Labour
JNC Joint National Committee (IPMS, FDA, SCS)
JOCE Journal Officiel des Communautes Europeennes
JRC Joint Research Centre (EURATOM)
JSC Joint Standing Committee
JSCR Joint Standing Committee Report
JWG Joint Working Group
JWP Joint Working Party


KTA Kerntecnischer Ausschuss
KWU Kraftwerk Union


LAA Laboratory Animal Allergy
LAA Local Authority Associations
LAAPS Local Authority Accident Prevention and Safety Services
LAC Local Authority Circular
LACOTS Local Authority Committee on Trading Standards
LADD Lifetime Average Daily Dose
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASS Leisure Accident Surveillance System
LAU Local Authority Unit
LBA London Boroughs Association
LBCNC Land Based Colleges National Consortium
LC Licence Condition
LCDP Local Career Development Panels
LCIE Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques (France)
LCLo Lethal Concentration Low
LC5O Lethal concentration 50
LDA Linear photodiode array
LDG List of dangerous goods
LDLo Lethal dose low
LD50 Lethal dose fifty
LEA Local Enterprise Agency
LEL Lower explosive limit
LEL Lower exposure limit
LEQ Equivalent continuous sound level
LEQ(8)hr Equivalent Continuous Sound Level (normalised to 8 hours)
LEV Local exhaust ventilation
LFDCA London Fire and Civil Defence Authority
LFL Lower flammability limit
LFS Labour Force Survey
LIF Laser induced fluoresence
LIF Lighting Industry Federation
LIMS Laboratory Information Management Systems
LIS Library and Information Services, now Information Services
LITTS Large Inventory Top Tier Site(s)
LLC Local Liaison Committee
LLMI Local Labour Market Intelligence
LMFBR Liquid metal fast breeder reactor
LNG Liquefied natural gas
LOCA Loss of coolant accident
LOCAE List of Classified and Authorised Explosives
LOD Limit of Detection
LOEL Lowest Observed Effect Level
LOFT Loss of Fluid Test Programme (OECD)
LOLER Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations
LOQ Limit of Quantitation
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LP Liquefied Petroleum
LP Low Pressure
LPA Local Planning Authority
LPC Loss Prevention Council
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LPGA Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association
LPGITA Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry Technical Association
LRT Light Rapid Transit
LSEV Laboratoire des Substances Explosives de Vemeuil
LRV Light Rail Vehicle
LSS Load scaling sensitivity
LTA Lost time accident
LTSRs Long Term Safety Reviews
LUL London Underground Limited
LV Low voltage
LV Low volume
LVD Low voltage directive
LWC Local Whitley Committee
LWR Light Water Reactor
LWRA London Waste Regulation Authority


M & E Mechanical and Electrical
MAC Maximum Acceptable Concentration or Maximum Allowable Concentration
MACE Multipurpose Automatic Control Equipment
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
MAFS Management Arrangements Feasibility Study (in FOD)
MAG Metal Active Gas
MAIB Marine Accident Investigation Branch (DOT)
MAK Maximale Arbeitsplatzkonzentrationen
MAPP Major Accident Prevention Policy
MAR Management and Administration
MAR Management and Administration Regulations
MARCODE Database of Investigated Accidents (originally Marches Code)
MARIS Materials and Resources Information Office
MAS (Civil Service) Medical Advisory Service, now Occupational Health Service
MaTSU Marine Technology Support Unit
MAUK Mining Association of the UK
MB Management Board
MbO Management by Objectives
MbOCA 4,4'Methylene-bis-(2-Chloroaniline)
MCA Marine and Coastguard Agency
MCB Manually Controlled Barrier
MCCS Microclimate Cooling System
MCI Management Charter Initative
MCS Mining Certification Service (See HSE (M))
MDHS Methods for the Determination of Hazardous Substances
MDI Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate
MDTSA Methods for the Detection of Toxic Substances in Air
ME Myalic Encephalomyelitis
MECS Mining Equipment Certfication Service (part of BASEEFA)
MEK Methyl Ethyl Ketone
MEL Maximum Exposure Limit
MESG Maximum experimental safe gap
MeV Million electron volts
MEWP Mobile elevating work platform
MFMMA Metal Forming Machinery Makers' Association
MFCI Molten Fuel Coolant Interaction
MG Manual Gate (Railways)
MHAU Major Hazards Assessment Unit
MHIDAS Major Hazards Incident Data Service. Database available on OSHROM
MHLWP Major Hazards Legislation Working Party
MHSWR Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
(HM) MI Mines Inspectorate
MI Mandatory Investigation
MI Myocardial Infarction
MIC Methyl Isocyanate
MIC Minimum Igniting current
MIDAS Machine information display and Automation System
MIE Minimum igniting energy
MIG Metal inert gas
MIGE Missile Impact and Gaseous Explosions
MIND National Association on Mental Health
MINOS Mine Operating System
MIRWMS Merseyside Ionising Radiation Warning and Monitoring System
MIS Management Information System
MIS Manufacturers, importers and suppliers
MISHAP Model for the Estimation of Individual Societal Risk from the Hazards of Pipelines
MLH Minimum List Heading (of the Standard Industrial Classification)
MMMF Man-made Mineral Fibre
MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (USA)
MND Motorneuron Disease
MNE Multinational Enterprise
MOCA 4,4' Methylene-bis-(2-Chloroaniline)
MOD Ministry of Defence
MOD(AD) Ministry of Defence (Army Dept)
MOD(AFD) Ministry of Defence (Air Force Dept)
MOD(N) Ministry of Defence (Naval Dept)
MOD(PE) Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)
MOR Mortality Odds Ratio
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MPC Maximum Permissible Concentrations
MPE Maximum Permissible Exposure
MPO Management and Personnel Office
MPWP Maximum Permissible Working Pressure
MQ Mines and Quarries
MQB Mining Qualifications Board
(HM) MQI (HM) Mines and Quarries Inspectorate now Mines Inspectorate
MR Mandatory Reporting
MRDE Mining Research and Development Establishment (now Coal Research Establishment)
MRL Maximum Residue Limit
MRS Midland Research Station (of BGC)
MS Manuscript
MS Member State (of European Union)
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
MSER Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations
MSFU Manufacturing Science Finance Union
MSHC Mines Safety and Health Commission (sometimes used instead of SHCMOEI)
MSIV Main steam isolating valve
MSLB Main steam line break
MT Management Trainee
MTD Marine Technology Directorate
MTIRA Machine Tool Industry Research Association
MU Multiple Unit (train)
MVBR Motor Vehicle Body Repair
MVR Motor Vehicle Repair
MW Microwave
MWF Metalworking fluids
MWL Miniature Warning Light
MZ Middle Zone


NAAS National Agricultural Advisory Service
NACCB National Accredation Council for Certification Bodies
NADOR Notification of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1980
NAFE Non-Advanced Further Education
NAFLIC National Association for Leisure Industry Certification
NAIR National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity
NAMAS National Measurement Accreditation Service (from 1/10/85, formed by merger of NATLAS and BCS)
NAPP Non-Agricultural Pesticides Panel
NAPS Nationwide Association of Preserving Specialists
NARM Naturally occurring and accelerator produced radioactive material
NASC National Association of Scaffolding Contractors
NATLAS National Testing Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (from 1/10/85 merged with BCS to form NAMAS)
NATM New Austrian Tunnelling Method
NAWDC National Association of Waste Disposal Contractors
NBS National Bureau of Standards (USA)
NCB National Coal Board, now British Coal Corporation
NCEC National Chemical Emergency Centre
NCSIIB National Certification Scheme for Inservice Inspection Bodies
NCSub-Committee Negotiations (Sub-Committee of NEC)
NCVQ National Council for Vocational Qualifications
NDAU Notification and Data Appraisal Unit
NDLB National Dock Labour Board
NDPB's Non Departmental Public Bodies
NDT Non-Destructive testing
NE Nuclear Electric
NEA Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD)
NEB Nuclear Energy Board of Ireland, Dublin
NEBOSH National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health
NEBR Nuclear Emergency Briefing Room
NEBROSH National Examination Board in Risk, Occupational Safety and Health
NEC National Executive Committee
NEC Nett Explosives Content
NEC Network Emergency Co-ordinator
NEC Nobel's Explosives Company Ltd.
NEDB National Exposure Data Base
NEMKO Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll (Norway)
NEPLG Nuclear Emergency Planning Liaison Committee
NESC Network for Evaluating Steel Components
NES Not Elsewhere Specified
NFCI National Federation of Clay Industries
NFDC National Federation of Demolition Contractors
NFRC National Federation of Roofing Contractors
NGL Natural Gas Liquid(s)
NGO Non-Governmental Organisation
NI Nominated Inspector
NI Northern Ireland
NI Notifiable Installation
NIAOA National Insurance Agency Against Occupational Accidents
NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse (USA)
NIEHS National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
NIG National Interest Group
NIGM National Interest Group Minute
NIH National Institutes of Health (USA)
NIHHS Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances Regulations 1982
NIHL Noise Induced Hearing Loss
(HM) NII (HM) Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (now Nuclear Safety Division, Health and Safety Executive)
NIMEXE Harmonised nomenclature for foreign trade statistics of the EEC
NIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (USA)
NIOSHTICS National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health database, available on OSHROM
NIR Non-Ionising Radiation
NIR Northern Ireland Railway
NIREX Nuclear Industry Radioactive Waste Executive
NISP Nuclear Information Systems Project
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA)
NJAC National Joint Advisory Committee (for Chemical Industry)
NJIC National Joint Industry Committee
NJUG National Joint Utilities Group
NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NNC National Nuclear Corporation
NNI Nederlands Normalisatie Institut (Netherlands)
NNSR Notification of New Substances Regulations
NOES National Occupational Exposure Survey (U.S.A.)
NOMIS National Manpower Information Service
NONS Notification of New Substances Regulations
NPF Nominal Protection Factor
NRA National Rivers Authority
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USA)
NRG National Responsibility Group now National Interest Group
NRGM National Responsibility Group Minute
NRPB National Radiological Protection Board
NRT National Responsibility Team
NSAC Nuclear Safety Advisory Committee
NSD Nuclear Safety Division. Health and Safety Executive
NSF Norges Standardiseringsforbund (Norway)
NSRMU Nuclear Safety Research Management Unit
NSRPG Nuclear Safety Research Programmes Group
NSRSG Nuclear Safety Research Steering Group
NSS National Staff Side
NSSS Nuclear steam supply system
NTI New Training Initiative
NTIS National Technical Information Service (USA)
NTP Normal Temperature and Pressure
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board (USA)
NUREG An USNRC nuclear regulatory publication
NVEIG National Vulcan Engineering Insurance Group Ltd.
NVLAP National Voluntary Accreditation Program (US)
NVQ National Vocational Qualification


O & M Sub Committee Organisation and Membership (NEC sub-committee)
OB Operations Branch. OSD
Obs Obsolete/Obsolescent
OC Open Crossing
OC Operational Circular
OCB Offshore Certification Bureau
OCD Occupational Cerviobrachial Disorder
OCTs Overseas Countries and Territories
OD Organisational Development
ODE Ministerial Committee on Europe
OECD-IGUS Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - International Group of Experts on the Explosion Risks of Unstable Substances
OEL Occupational Exposure Limit
OES Occupational Exposure Standard
OfGAS Office of Gas Supply
OG Operations Group
OGD Other Government Departments
OGU Open Government Unit
OH Occupational Health
OHAC Occupational Health Advisory Committee
OHASP Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner
OHEU Occupational Health and Environment Unit
OHP Overhead Projector
OHS (Civil Service) Occupational Health Service
OHSLB Occupational Health and Safety Lead Body
OIAC Oil Industry Advisory Committee
OILM International Organization for Legal Metrology
OIML International Organization for Legal Metrology
OIM Offshore Installations Managers
OITAF International Organization for Transportation by Rope
OJ Official Journal (of the European Communities)
OJEC Official Journal of the European Communities
OLC Occupation Level Crossing
OLTP Open Learning Training Package
OM Operations Manager
OM Operation Minute
OMCS Office of the Minister for the Civil Service
OME Ontario Ministry of Environment
OMF Operations Management Forum
OMHL Occupational Medicine and Hygiene Laboratory
OOPEC Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
OP Occasional Paper
OPA Ouptut and Performance Analysis
OPM Output and Performance Measures
OPO One Person Operated
OPSS Office of Public Service and Science
OSC Off-Site Centre
OSD Offshore Safety Division
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (USA)
OSHCD Occupational Safety and Health Compact Disc
OSHIG Occupational Safety and Health Information Group
OSHLB Occupational Safety and Health Lead Body
OSHRC Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (USA)
OSHROM Occupational Safety and Health (Compact Disc) Read Only Memory. Contains NIOSHTIC, CISDOC, HSELINE, MHIDAS databases
OSIRIS Optical scattering instantaneous respirable dust indication system
OSRP Act Offices Shops and Railway Premises Act 1963
OSRPA Offices Shops and Railway Premises Act
OSU Operational Strategy Unit, part of CHID
OSZHD Organisation for the Collaboration of Railways (E. Europe)
OTAR Overseas Tariffs and Regulations
OTSB Offshore Safety and Technology Board
OTSU Open Technology Support Unit
OU Operations Unit
OVC Occupational Violent Crime
OZ Outer Zone


P & I Piping and Instrumentation (diagram)
P & T Professional and Technology Category
Pa Pascal (S.I. unit of pressure)
PA Planning Authority
PA Put away (on registered files)
PABIAC Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee
PAH Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
PANs Personnel Advice Notes
PASC Pacific Area Standards Congress
PAT Proficiency Analytical Testing
PATRAM Packaging and Transport of Radioactive Materials
PBB Polybrominated Biphenyl
PBN Permanent Background Notices
PBZ Personal breathing zone
PC Personal computer
P(C)A Petroleum (Consolidation) Act 1928
PCAH Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
PCAW Public Concern at Work
PCB Polychlorinated biphenyl
PCBP's Polychlorinated biphenylenes
PCIAOH Permanent Commission and International Association on Occupational Health
PCM Phase contrast microscopy
PCM Plutonium contaminated material
PCS Public and Commercial Services Union
PCSPS Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme
PCSR Pre-construction safety report
Pct Polychlorinated Triphenyls
PD Promotion dossier
PDO Personal Development Objectives
PDS Professional Development Scheme
PE Photo-electric
PEC Packaging of Explosives for Carriage Regulations
PEFD Planning Efficiency and Finance Division
PEGS Pesticide Exposure Group of Sufferers
PEL Permissible Exposure Limit (U.S. Dept. of Labour)
PEP Public Enquiry Point
PER Professional and Executive Recruitment
PES Programmable electronic systems
PES Public expenditure survey
PF Personal file
PF Procurator Fiscal
PFA Pulverised Fuel Ash
PFD Primary Flash Distillate
PFEER Prevention of Fire Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations
PGI Protected Geographical Indication
PGR Road Transport (Carriage of Dangerous Goods in Packages etc) Regulations
PH Public Health
PHELA Pesticides HSE/LA Enforcement Liaison Committee
PHO Public Health Officer
PHIPCO Public Health and Industrial Pesticides Council
PHSA Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990
PI Principal Inspector
PIAC Printing Industry Advisory Committee
PIACT International Programme for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment (ILO)
PIAP Pesticides Incidents Appraisal Panel
PICOP Person in Charge of Possession (trains)
PICOW Person in Charge of Works (Railways)
PID Project Initiation Document
PIHS Preliminary industrial hygiene survey
PIO Principal Inspecting Officers (of Railways)
PIPI Pipelines Inspectorate
PIRER Public Information for Radiation Emergencies Regulations
PISC Programme for the Inspection of Steel Components
PIZ Public Information Zone
PLACO Planning Committee (ISO)
PLC Public Level Crossing
PLC Programmable Logic Circuits
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
PLTB Programmed Learning Text Book
PM Permanent Manuals
PMA Paintmakers Association (of Great Britain)
PMDA Plastics Machinery Distributors' Association
PMF Progressive massive fibrosis
PMR Proportional mortality ratios
PMS Paint Mixing System(s)
PO Private Office
POCO Post Operational Cleanout (Nuclear)
POHL Principal Officer Health Liaison
POMSTER Placing on the Market and Supervision of Transfers of Explosives Regulations
POPUMET Protection of Persons undergoing Medical Examinations or Treatment
PORV Power-operated relief valve
POSH Policies for Strategy on Health
POSR Pre-operation Safety Review
PoW Plan of Work
PP Regs The Power Presses Regulations
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
PPEB Policy Projects and Environment Branch, part of Policy Unit
PPHSLC Plastics Processing Health and Safety Liaison Committee
ppm Parts per million
PPMA Petrol Pump Manufacturers Association
PPTO Principal Professional and Technology Officer
PQ Parliamentary Question
PR & D Public Research and Development
PRA Paint Research Association
PRA Probabilistic risk analysis
PRA Probabilistic risk assessment
PRAM Pipeline Risk Assessment Method
PRI Plastics and Rubber Institute
PRINCE Projects Via Controlled Environment
PRISM Personnel Record Information Systems for Management
PRS Pesticides Registration Section
PRU Pay Research Unit
PRV Pressure Relief Valve
PS Personal Secretary
PSA Probabilistic Safety Analysis
PSAR Preliminary safety analsysis report
PSB Professional Staffs Branch
PSC Port State Control
PSDU Personnel Services Delivery Unit
PSGB Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Psaf Particle size distribution function
psi Pounds per square inch
PSO Principal Scientific Officer
PSR Pipelines Safety Regulations
PSPS Pesticides Safety Precautions Scheme
PST Professional, Scientific and Technical
PSV Planned Special Visit
PTB Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt
PTF Petroleum Training Federation
PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene
PTO Professional and Technology Officer
PTOM Pays et territoires d'outre-mer
PTW Permit to Work
PU Planning Unit, part of Resources and Planning Directorate
PU Policy Unit
PU Polyurethane
PU Public Utility
PUF Polyurethane Foam
PURPOSES Purchase Management System
PUSU Policy Unit Support unit
PUWER Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
PWP Personal Work Plan
PWR Pressurised Water Reactor
PWTAG Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group


QA Quality Assurance
QAC Quality Assurance Committee
QBD Queen's Bench Division
QC Quality Control
QMS Quality Management Systems
QNFT Quantitative Fit Testing
QNIG Quarries National Interest Group
QRA Quantified Risk Assessment
QRG Quarterly Return Group
QSEs Qualified Scientists and Engineers
qv quod vide (which see)


R Risk phrases (i.e. R40, R42) as defined by the Approved List of the CHIP Regulations
R & D Research and Development
RAC Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee (USA)
RALG Risk Assessment Liaison Group
RALUCO Radioactive Luminous Compound
RAMG Regulatory Assistance Management Group
RAMRail The Packaging, Labelling and Carriage of Radioactive Material by Rail Regulations 1996
RAMRoad The Radioactive Material (Road Transport) (Great Britain) Regulations 1996
RAPU Risk Assessment Policy Unit
RAS Recruitment and Assessment Services (Civil Service)
RASH Rapid Screening of Hazard
RASP Replacement Accounting System Project (New Accounting Computer System)
RAWS Regional Administrative Works Study
RCD Residual Current Device
RCEP Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
RCH Railway Clearing House
RCP Reactor Coolant Pump
RCS Reactor Coolant System
RCS Royal Society of Chemistry
RD Regional Director
RDP Registered Disabled Person
REAT Real Ear Attentuation at Threshold
REGS Regulations
REHIS Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
REM Roentgen Equivalent-Man
REM Rapid Eye Movement
REMA Regional Employment Medical Adviser
REMCO Committee on Reference Materials (ISO)
REPAC Regional Protection Advisory Committee
RESHORB Racial Equality, Health and Safety and Overseas Recruitment Branch (in ED) now Health and Safety Policy Liaison
RF Radio Frequency
RFAC Regional Fisheries Advisory Committee
RFD Rail Freight Distribution
RFDC Regional Flood Defence Committee
RFMS Radio frequency magnetron sputtering
RHRS Residual heat removal system
RI Railway Inspectorate
RIAC Railway Industry Advisory Committee
RICE Regular interlaboratory counting exchange
RID Reglements Internationales Relatif au Transport des Marchandises Dangereuses par Chemin de Fer
RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
RIIS Research Institute of Industrial Safety (Japan)
RIMNET Radioactive Incident Monitoring Network
RIPA Royal Institute of Public Administration
RIS Resource Information System
RISKAT Risk Assessment Tool
RLO Research Liaison Officer
RLSD Research and Laboratory Services Division [see HSL]
RMTD Radioactive Materials Transport Division of the Department of Transport
RNA Ribonucleic Acid
RNE Reseau National D'Essais. (France)
RNES Royal Naval Engineering Service
RNSS Royal Naval Scientific Service
RO Regional Office
ROAMEF Rationale, Objectives, Appraisal, Monitoring, Evaluation and Feedback
ROGWU Russian Oil, Gas and Construction Workers Union
ROIT Regional Office of Industrial Tribunals
ROPS Roll-Over Protection System
RoR Review of Regulation
RoRo Roll-on Roll-off vehicle ferry
RoSPA Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
RPA Radiation Protection Adviser
RPD Resources and Planning Directorate
RPD (FAS) Resources and Planning Division (Financial and Accounting Section)
RPE Respiratory protective equipment
RPS Reactor protection system
RPS Research Planning Section (of HSL)
RPSGB Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
RPV Reactor Pressure Vessel
RSA60 Radioactive Substances Act 1960
RSC Royal Society of Chemistry
RSH Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
RSM Regional Support Manager
RSPA Research and Special Programs Administration (USA)
RSP Relevant Statutory Provision
RSP Registered Safety Practitioner
RSSG Royal Society Study Group
RSU Research Strategy Unit
RTA Road Traffic Accident
RTR Road Traffic (Carriage of Dangerous Substances in Road Tankers and Tank Containers) Regulations
RUBIAC Rubber Industry Advisory Committee
RUBSSO Rossendale Union of Boot, Shoe and Slipper Operatives
RWA Regional Water Authority
RWMAC Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee


S Section
S & C Switches and Crossings
S & T Signal and Telecommunications
S and LP Safety and Loss Prevention
SAC Subject Advisory Committee
SACA Systemic Accident Cause Analysis
SAI Safety Appliance Illustration
SAP Safety Assessment Principles
SAP Safety Assurance Principles
SAP Social Action Programme
SARA Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (U.S.A.)
SASD Strategy and Analytical Support Directorate
SBS Sick Building Syndrome
SC Skillcentre
SCANS Selective Current Awareness Newsheets produced by HSE Information Services on a variety of topics
SCBA Self contained breathing apparatus
SCC Situations Co-ordination Centre
SCC Standards Council of Canada
SCE Sister Chromatid Exchanges
SCHAM Safety Case Handling and Assessment Manual
SCHELA Standards of Compliance sub-committee of HELA
SChIF Senior Chemical Inspector of Factories
SCISAS Size classifying isokentic sequential aerosol sampler
SCOPE Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (ICSU)
SCOS Scottish Chamber of Safety
SCS Society of Civil Servants
SCSR Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (Mining)
SCU Survey Control Unit (of the Central Statistical Office)
SDD Scottish Development Department
SDI Selective Dissemination of Information
SDIA Soap and Detergent Industries Association
SDR Special Drawing Rights
SEI Safety Environment Institute (U.S.A.)
SEL Safety Engineering Laboratory, now part of HSL
SELV Safety extra low voltage
SEM Scanning electron microscopy
SEMA Senior Employment Medical Adviser
SEMKO Svenska Electriska Materielkontrollanstalten (Sweden)
SENA Senior Employment Nursing Adviser
SEO Senior Executive Officer
SEO Special Exemption Order
SEPA Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
SEPD Scottish Economic Planning Department
SERDS Single ended ranging drum shearer
SES Safety and Enforcement Statistics
SEV Schweizerischen Elektrotechnischen Vereins (Switzerland)
SF Subject File
SFAIRP So far as is reasonably practicable
SFS Suomen Standardsoimisliitto (Finland)
SGD Strategy and General Division now Policy Unit
SGGB Showmen's Guild of Great Britain
SGHWR Steam generating heavy water reactor
SGMSEC Scientific Group on methodologies for the safety evaluation of chemicals (WHO/ICSU)
SHCMOEI Safety and Health Commission for the Mining and Other Extractive Industries
SHEG Scottish Health Education Group
SHELA Statistics sub-committee of HELA
SHIELD Safety and Health Information - Establishment Linked Data
SI Senior Inspector
SI Statutory Instrument
SI Systeme Internationale
SIB Safety Information Bulletin (DH)
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SIESO Society of Industrial Emergency Services Officers
SIMVIDOSE Simultaneous Video Dose
SIN Substance Identification Number
SIPI Scottish Industrial Pollution Inspectorate (see also HMIPIS)
SIRP Society of Independent Roundabout Proprietors
SIS Standarisering Kommissionen i Sverige (Sweden)
SIT Spontaneous Ignition Temperature
SITC Standard International Trade Classification
SITC(R) Standard international trade classification (revised)
SIT(R2) Standard international trade classification (2nd revision)
SITTS Small Inventory Top Tier Site(s)
SIU Strategy and Information Unit
SLA Service Level Agreement
SLM Short Life Memorandum
SM Sector Manager
SMDP Senior Management Development Programme
SME Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
SMIL Statistics and market intelligence library (DTI)
SMP Safety Management Prospectus
SMR Senior Management Review
SMR Standardised morbidity ratio
SMRAB Safety in Mines Research Advisory Board
SMRE Safety in Mines Research Establishment
SMSR Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations
SMSU Senior Management Support Unit
SNHL Sensory neural hearing loss
SNUPPS Standardised nuclear unit power plant system
SNV Association Suisse de Normalisation (Switzerland)
SO Scientific Officer
SO Solicitor's Office
SOC Standing Orders Committee
SOEC Statistical Office of the European Communities
SOER Scottish Office Emergency Room
SOFHT Society of Food Hygiene Technology
SOL Solicitor's Office
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea
SOPs Standard Operating Procedures
SPAD Signal Passed at Danger
SPAID Society for the Prevention of Asbestosis and Industrial Diseases
SPATS Senior Professional Administrative Training Scheme
SPC Semi-Permanent Circulars
SPD Safety Policy Directorate
SPF Science Policy Foundation
SPGU Strategy Policy and Guidance Unit
SRA Strategic Rail Authority
SRD Safety and Reliability Directorate (AEA Technology)
SRO Statutory Regulation Order
SRSC Safety Representatives and Safety Committees
SRI Safety Related Instrumentation
SRP Society for Radiological Protection
ss. Sections
SS Staff Side
SSB Statistical Services Branch now Operations Unit
SSC Scientific sub-committee (of ACP)
SSE Safe Shutdown Earthquake
SSERC Scottish Schools Science Equipment Research Centre
SSG Scientific Staffs Group
SSI Solid State Interlocking
SSI Superintending Specialist Inspector
SSMSU Strategy and Senior Management Services Unit
SSO Senior Scientific Officer
STA Skills Training Agency (Employment Department)
STABEX Export earnings stabilisation scheme
STACO Standing Committee for the Study of Principles of Standardization (ISO)
STAJ Science and Technology Agency (Japan)
STATAS Structured Audit Techniques for Assessment of Safety Management
STC Scientific and Technical Committee (EC)
STEL Short term exposure limit
STEP Science and Technology for Employment Protection
STP Scientific and Technological Programme (EC)
STRC Scientific and Technical Research Committee (EC)
STS Soft Tissue Sarcoma
SWEF Swedish Work Environment Fund (Sweden)
SWL Safe Working Load
SWO Staff Welfare Officer
SWORD Surveillance of Work Related and Occupational Respiratory Disease
SWP Safe Working Pressure
SYSPU Systems Planning and Strategy Unit, part of Railway Inspectorate


t tonne(s)
T Toxic
TA Training Agency
TA Technical Adviser
TACADE Teachers Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Education
TAG Technical Advisory Group
TC Tar Creosote
TC Track Circuit
TCDD Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin
TCLo Toxic Concentration Low
TCPA Town and Country Planning Act 1971
TCPSA Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1972
TCSU Technical Computing Services Unit
TDGSA Transport of Dangerous Goods (Safety Advisers) Regulations
TDI Toluene diisocyanate
TDLo Toxic dose low
TDN Technical Data Note now replaced by HSE Guidance Notes
TEAM Technically evaluated advisory materials
TEAP Transportation Emergency Assistance Plan (Canada)
TEC Training and Enterprise Council (Training Agency)
TELARC Testing Laboratory Registration Council of New Zealand
TEM Transmission electron microscopy
TEXIAC Textiles Industry Advisory Committee
TFPI Tripartite Forum on Health and Safety in the Pharmaceutical Industry
TGA Thermogravimetric analysis
TGIC Triglycidyl Isocyanurate
THELA Training sub-committee of HELA
THORP Thermal oxide reprocessing plant
THSD Technology and Health Services Division, now Directorate of Science and Technology
TIG Tungsten Inert Gas
TIL Technical Information Leaflet
TIR Transport International Routier
TLI Training Liaison Inspector
TLO Training Liaison Officer
TLV Threshold limit value
TM Testing memorandum
TM Training Manager
TM Typing Manager
TMA Trimellitic Anhydride
TML Trans Manche Link
TMSG Technical, Medical and Science Group
TNO Organisatie voor Toegepast-Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek
TNPG The Nuclear Power Group
TOC Train Operating Company
TOFD Time-of-Flight-Diffraction (ultrasonic inspection)
TOPS Total Operations Processing System - British Rail
TOR Tolerability of Risk
TORCH Transferring Ownership Responsibility and Commitment for Hazard Control
TP Temporary Promotion
TPC Technical Progress Committee (EC)
TPED Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive
TPR Transportable Pressure Receptacles
TQ Total Quality
TRC Technology Reports Centre
TRC Textile Research Council
TRC The Radiochemical Centre Ltd.
TRNS Technical rules, new series (issued by EECS)
TSB Technical Staffs Branch
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act (USA)
TSWG Track Safety Working Group
TTO Telecommunications Technical Officers
TU Technology Unit. OSD
TU Trade Union
TUS Trade Union Side
TUTB European Trade Union Technical Bureau for Health and Safety (Belgium)
TVI Tutored Video Instruction
TW Thames Water
TWA Time-Weighted Average
TWI Training Within Industry


UA Unit of Account
UCO Use Classes Order
UCSIP Union des Chambres de l'Industrie du Petrole
UDC Universal Decimal Classification
UDS Unscheduled DNA synthesis
UEL Upper explosive limit
UEL Upper exposure limit
UFL Upper flammability limit
UHS Ultimate heat sink
UILI Union of International Independent Laboratories
UKAEA United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service
UKCS United Kingdom Continental Shelf
UKHIS United Kingdom Hazard Information System
UKIBEC United Kingdom Insurance Brokers' European Committee
UKMIS United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the United Nations
UKOOA United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association
UKPIA United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association
UKREP United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the EC
UL Underwriters Laboratories (USA)
ULV Ultra Low Volume
UNCETDG United Nationals Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
UNCLOS United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea
UNCSTD United Nations Conference on Science and Technology for Development
UNECE United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNI Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione (Italy)
UNICE Union des Industries de la Communaute Europeenne
UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
UNIG Utilities National Interest Group
UNM Union de Normalisation de la Mecanique (France)
UNSCEAR United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
URENCO Dutch/German/UK organisation for uranium enrichment
USA Universities Safety Association
USAS United States of America Standards Institute
USNRC United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
UTE Union Technique de l'Electricite (France)
UV Ultra Violet
UVCE Unconfined vapour cloud explosion
UWC User Worked Crossing
UWED Use of Work Equipment Directive (EC)


V/A Visual Aid
VCM Vinyl Chloride Monomer
VDT Visual Display Terminal
VDU Visual Display Unit
VFM Value for Money
VHF Viral haemorrhagic Fever
VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier
VNMS Variable wall mining system
VOC Volatile Organic Compounds
VSC Voluntary Safety Cases
VWF Vibration white finger


WA Water Authority
WASP Workplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency
WATCH Working Group for the Assessment of Toxic Chemicals (ACTS)
WB Wet bulb
WBGT Wet bulb globe temperature
WBV Whole body vibration
WCDP Widows', Children's and Dependents' Pension
WCL World Confederation of Labour (Christian Democrat)
WCM Weekly Circular Minute
WCO Workplace Contact Officer
WE Work Experience
WEC Work of Engineering Construction
WEG Working Exposure Guidelines
WG Working Group
WGIR Working Group on Ionising Radiations
WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
WIAS West Indies Associated States
WING Work Injured Nurses Group
WINTECH Welsh Innovation and Technology
WLM Working Levels per Month
WMIA Woodworking Machinery Importers' Association
WO Welsh Office
WP Word Process(-ing/-or)
WP Working Party
WPA White Paper Account
WRA Waste Regulation Authority
WRULD Work related upper limb disorders
WSC Warhead Safety Committee
WSF Wrong Side Failure (Railways)
WSL Warren Spring Laboratory
WSO World Safety Organisation (USA)
WWM Regs The Woodworking Machines Regulations
WWREA Wire and Wire Rope Employers Association



XI Irritant
Xn Harmful
XPS X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
XRD X-ray diffraction
XRF X-ray fluorescence


YP Young Person
YTS Youth Training Scheme


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